Clinical Method

The process of treatment with homeopathy involves a very thorough first interview followed by regular follow up visits typically spaced every 3-5 weeks in the case of chronic ailments; acute conditions usually require a short visit with follow ups as needed. Subsequent to the long initial visit, homeopathy requires less resources of the patient than other forms of treatment such as acupuncture (which may require many weekly return visits) or nutrition (which requires following a careful dietary regimen). Treatment involves the taking of a homeopathic remedy, and supplements or dietary regimens are only occasionally prescribed.

Successfully prescribing a homeopathic remedy requires great precision in formulating a homeopathic diagnosis based on careful observation of the patient and the detailed interview. Usually there is no simple formula for determining homeopathic treatment based on the name of the disease alone. This is because the state of disease extends far beyond the presenting problem into the person’s conscious and unconscious life experience. The homeopathic approach can lead to very deep healing of a wide variety of medical conditions, and sometimes offers the only hope in those cases where no pathological or physiological malfunction can be detected.

“Physicians are constantly mistaking the product for the process of disease. The product can only be changed by changing the process. Destroying the product does not change the process. Correct the faulty process and the product will take care of itself.” Stuart Close, The Genius of Homeopathy