NES Explained



Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES) is the pioneering force behind a revolutionary approach for the assessment and treatment of many health conditions using a sophisticated electronic system which stimulates the body to heal itself from a sub-atomic level, through the use of Infoceuticals.



Developed by Peter Fraser, Harry Massey and a team of experts, the science behind NES integrates research in the fields of physics, biophotonism, quantum biology, resonance phenomena, advanced mathematics,  information technology, Western and Chinese medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition. The result is the first accurate map of the Human Body Field. This discovery is as important as the recent mapping of the human genome or genetic structure.


The Roadmap of Health:

What is Nutri-Energetics Systems, or “NES” Therapy?

NES, the Nutri-Energetics Systems, offers a revolutionary, new approach to evaluating and promoting wellness and is based on the concept of the “Human Body Field”.

The NES measures the meridians by a sophisticated electronic system and instead of altering the meridian flow by the insertion of steel needles, achieves a substantially better result by the administration of the Infoceuticals. The Infoceuticals act as on a sub-atomic level on all the bodies systems. However it is much more than healing meridian flow, and plays a vital role in maintaining life processes, healing and rebuilding the body.

Your Human Body Field can be considered as a road map. Directing information around the body to govern and co-ordinate activity. The Human Body Field is, in essence, an intelligent information control mechanism.

The state of the Human Body Field is always changing—it is dynamic and reacts to what you are exposed to physically and emotionally, even your thoughts

An important innovation of NES analysis is the ability to determine the order in which the body is able change and heal.

In reality, the organism can only correct its problems in a very specific sequence, and this is why using supplements, and various natural remedies and therapies are often only partially successful.

Because for example, heavy metals and silent viral infections have not been eliminated first, and these  can be two of the most common causes of chronic ill-health

Yet before they can be eliminated, there must be improvements in the nervous and immune systems, intercellular communication and the body’s capacity to detoxify.

It can take several months before the organism can be directed to eradicate these damaging toxins. The NES system provide the roadmap of how the body and mind can be brought back to an optimal state. The NES  detects a wide range of reliable and consistant information about one’s current state of health.


Now to the action!

Scanning the “Human Body Field” with NES.

The scanning process involves resting your hand on a palm sized body-field scanner and waiting a few moments while the automated scanning process is completed. This is a completely safe procedure, using a passive scanning process— no signal or voltage is emitted. Your Human Body-Field is simply read. After just a few seconds, the full scan report is displayed on a computer screen, it also outlines the recommended infoceuticals.


What are Infoceuticals?

The Infoceuticals are designed to repair the Human Body-Field at the molecular and cellular level. They are prepared using the latest advances in field dynamics by imprinting a base of organic colloidal minerals with magnetic information corresponding to specific aspects of the ideal Body-Field