What can we do for you?

Barbara Burns uses naturopathy with the aid of the Nutrienergetic System  to treat adults and children with various health issues. This ranges from acute (e.g. bladder infection, ear inflammation, etc.) to chronical diseases (e.g. constipation, eczema, asthma) and mental issues.

Together with you, we look for various symptoms that possibly relate to the underlying problem. The goal is to support and optimize your health.

An overview of disorders on which you can visit Barbara Burns

  • Female complaints: hormonal disbalances, menopause
  • Recovery after illness: operation, Pfeiffer, flu
  • Skin disorders: dry skin, eczema, acne
  • Nervous system disorders: stress, migraine, restlessness
  • Bronchial tubes: bronchitis, asthmatic constitution
  • Digestive tract complaints
  • Recurrent infections and inflammations: bladder, ear
  • Rheumatic problems: back pain
  • Stiff or painful muscles
  • Disturbed sleeping pattern
  • Recurrent colds: sinusitis
  • Difficult phases in life, both for children and adults, due to divorce, loss of loved ones, migration, etc.

Depending on your complaint, treatment plans range from simple (like prescribing herbs and Homeopathy) to more complex plans (such as treating hormonal migraine and thus the unbalance in your hormonal system through nutrition, homeopathy, counseling and herbal medicines).

In our view, health issues are multifactorial and holistic. For us, an optimal treatment includes taking a closer look at the cause of your complaint.

Our treatment plans can easily be combined with visits to other medical specialists and/or psychologists


Our Treatment Plan

Your medical consultation  lasts at least 60 minutes. We will discuss your medical background and your current state of health. We will try to get a better understanding of the nature of your complaint

I will then determine a personalized program based on your Nutrienergetics report, utilising the NES infoceuticals, and any vitamin or minerals that you might need. We will  check for any Lactose, Gluten, and Sugar imbalances ,and give dietary advice that are needed to correct your health issues. You will have a copy of your report, the infoceuticals, information on their action and an easy to follow daily chart.